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Testimonials from our customers

"Visited Bates City BBQ for the first time last week with some co-workers.

Apparently it's been around for a while and now I know why. Amazeballs!

I had a burnt end sandwich with cole slaw. Loved the meat SO much. Perfect burnt ends that were smokey and chewy just like they should be."


- Buffy S.


"After a day of exploring west-central Missouri, I opted for a rural, BBQ outpost.

This was my 2nd time at BCBBQ, and I reckon there was barely enough room in that town for the both of us. The prices are right. Seriously, if want to know how much BBQ cost in 1994, go eat at BCBBQ in 2011.


Meat is about as good as you made the best time you smoked meat. Savvy?

Why did you need a triple bypass? The fries. Why did say it was worth it? The fries."


- Chris B.


"The ribs are simple, honest, purist spare ribs; untrimmed which is why I ordered the more expensive short end. I prefer the rib meat over the flap meat with its little gristly immature bones. Also the cap muscle on spare ribs can be chewy and there is less of it on the short end. I expected the ribs to be smothered in super sweet KC sauce, but they were served naked with sauce on the tables. I ate mine as always, just as they came out of the pit as God intended. "


- John B.


"Seriously the best barbeque without driving to downtown Kansas City. The sauce is amazing and so are the French fries. We always make the drive out to Bate's City just for this place. Great family business! I would recommend it to anyone!"


- Lynn B.


"The staff is wonderful!  So nice and friendly."


- Keila H.


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